Women’s Network

The Women’s Network emphasizes the call to influence and leadership to women of all ages. We seek to raise the self-esteem and enhance the potential of every woman of God at Beth’El Word through Annual Women’s Fellowhip and Prayer Breakfast, Youth and Children Activities.
We have Special meetings, Encounter Retreats and classes just for women on health, parenting, unity and Deepening your walk with God relationships. These meetings are held to reinforce ans support our ladies.
We also address such issues as:
Reflecting His character in our community and the marketplace
Setting and following priorities
Understanding your uniqueness
Taking Care of “YOU”
Facing Life Obstacles
Reaching beyond your comfort zone
Releasing God’s power through prayer for targeted results, etc
And because Christ lives within us we have so much to offer.
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“We Love You
Delores Perry, Dr

Men’s Network

Strong Men Vision
To train up Men into disciples. “Except he first bind the strong man? And then he will spoil his house.” We know that when men get together, something explosive is released in the spiritual world.
Strong Men Goals:
To teach men how to be godly leaders, husbands, and fathers in a world desperate for genuine leadership.
Network meeting are held monthly for men to focus on topics such as prayer, holiness, finances, temptation, and integrity. Mens lives have been changed and restored while vision and purpose are being instilled.
Accountability groups meet twice monthly to the theme “AM I MY BROTHER’S KEEPER”. These small groups prepare men to be disciples and leaders in order to influence their society and inevitably change their world.
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Deacon James Tyree

Missional Groups

Missional Group locations near you:
East Pineygreen
West Pineygreen

Ambassadors for Christ

Encouragement From Above
Evangelist  Janet Gibbs 
Warriors for Christ
Elder Ronnie CROKER 
Eagles’ Nest
Elder Cola Meadows
God’s Foot Soldiers
Elder Tony Cole
Open Hearts
Deacon James & Latecia Tyree 

Food Bank

Truck Giveaway every 2nd Friday of the month
Emergency Food giveaways every Thursday 9 am until 
Hurricane and Emergency Giveaways as necessary